InnerLifeSkills life coach empowering parents of young, sensitive children

My name is Taflyn Allen and I am an InnerLifeSkills life coach specialising in empowering parents of young children with sensitive needs.

As a parent to a child who has academic, social or emotional challenges you can be left feeling confused, frustrated, helpless, worried or scared. Wanting the best for your child but not sure of how to do it.

My goal is to coach you to be the best parent you can be. To feel empowered and confident.

When you feel confident in your ability to parent and confident in the choices you make you are able to be fully present and supportive to your child.

As an InnerLifeSkills coach I can help you find the tools you need so you can parent with confidence and from a place of empowerment.

About Me

As well as a life coach I am also a qualified preschool and early childhood development teacher and have spent many years teaching and working with children and parents.

After years of being in the teaching field I saw more and more parents battling to help and emotionally support their struggling children.

A few years later my son was showing signs of having sensitive needs and was having a tough time emotionally and socially.

There was lots of support from the school and all the therapists, but I felt like I had the rug pulled out from under me.

After empowering myself, I was able to be there for my son in the way he needed me to be. Fully present and confident that I was and am the best mother I can be.

An InnerLifeSkills Coach

Coaching is the specialised art of holding solution focused conversations. Coaching supports a client being able to access insights and solutions from within themselves, moving themselves into positive, proactive and clearly defined action that aids them in achieving their potential in the area of their goals and objectives.

Coaching Services

— Coaching one on one
— Coaching both parents together
— Small group coaching – 6 to 12 people
— Family group coaching

Coaching sessions can take place in person or via Skype

Taflyn has a true gift in guiding an individual’s process of unlocking their unique life’s purpose. The process is enormously empowering because she trusts that we know the right answers – she teaches how to listen to intuition. Her belief is that we only we can know what is right for ourselves but that we need to trust this and not succumb to negative thoughts and self-doubt.
In learning to say what I need, I went from feeling like someone who floating in the world, hoping to bump into good things, to realising that I was capable of taking control of the direction things went and stand on more solid ground.

She taught me to be precise in what I am asking for and to envision it and make it my own. In this way, the things I really want feel closer and more obtainable. This process made me feel unique and reminded me to cherish and nurture my projects. She is not scared to go to difficult places and gently guides a process of healing and change. I am truly grateful for the skills she gave me.

Kristy StoneArtist and Ph.D student

I like to see myself as a close friend of Taflyn. Choosing to have her as my life coach has been a life changing experience. Especially as she is hard core, but kind, draws her boundaries with love and compassion and is always open to listen with an open mind and an open heart.

'’Thanks for being a part of my life’s journey.’’

Malie NtshangaseHead of development — Capella House Primary School

I signed up for the 'Unlock Your Inner Truth Workshop' with few expectations, but with the hope that I would learn some tools to help me cope with the stress that I had been experiencing in my work. I was greatly surprised at the extent of self awareness that the workshop generated.

I left each session with valuable insights into how my behaviour has affected how I have been operating in the world recently. I became aware of certain patterns that I had otherwise unknowingly fallen into. These nuggets of information set a dominos effect in motion that gathered momentum with each weekly class.

At the beginning of the final class I proudly shared that I had found my purpose in life, I had found the type of work that I am meant to be doing, and am currently researching courses of study in this area.

Taflyn is a gifted life coach. Not only did she create a safe space where all of us could share our experience, a space of non-judgement, she also facilitated an atmosphere of support. I felt truly encouraged by the other members of the workshop and felt that we were embarking on our journeys of discovery together. It was also wonderful to witness the other participants' journey of self-discovery.

Credit should be given to Taflyn's flexibility, she allowed conversations to develop naturally, while always guiding us gently back to the subject matter of her lesson plan.

It should also be acknowledged that Taflyn is skilled at both group-work and working with students one-on-one. I personally benefitted from both.

I appreciate how Taflyn would offer examples of problems that she has faced in her own life, and how certain tools and exercises helped her overcome these problems. Reminding us that she is still working through some of these issues, that unlocking your truth to become the best version of yourself is a life-long process. By sharing some of her own troubles encouraged a space of vulnerability and hope.

I am very grateful to have benefitted from Taflyn's generosity and wisdom, and I eagerly look forward to the next workshop that she runs.

I would recommend the 'Unlock Your Inner-truth Workshop' to any women, regardless of where they are in their own personal journey.

Suzanne DuncanArtist and writer

I have to say, the results from just a few coaching sessions with Taflyn Allen have been remarkable. Working with challenging children and having the inner confidence to support them has inspired me to take up some more personal challenges too.

Coaching has opened the doors to the possibility that life can work and obstacles can be overcome successfully.

Tonia KoegelenbergPrincipal — Glint Acadamy Cottage School

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